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Bonsu (pronounced "Bon - SU"), which in Latin means boni succi (Good Juices), is a
brand of fruit and vegetable juices, soft drinks, and herbal drinks.

We are professional company with the premium touch in the beverage production and
distribution sector based in Northern Europe. Our dedicated team with many years of
experience within the beverage industry are passionate about supporting our clients. We
are here to bring to the market the most distinctive tastes from around the world. We are
grateful to nature for its resources, so while producing high quality products, we accept
responsibility for the health of society and guarantee the natural origins and quality of all
our juices.

All our production processes are fully compliant with existing quality control
certification requirements including Halal, Organic, HACCP, ISO, and FDA and we are
ready for rapid distribution in whatever quantities are requested by our clients.
Nature is the source of all the best qualities of BonSU® juice, which is why we
acknowledge our responsibility towards public health and guarantee that we produce
only high quality, 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices and other drinks.

No preservatives, no added sugars, packed with flavor and natural goodness.

Great for hydration, rich in nutrients and deliciously tasty – this is the mission leading all of our production process, as we continue to expand and introduce new family members, groomed and polished in partnerships only with the best quality suppliers.

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