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Personal Training with Mr. Universe
What is your principal fitness goal for this year?
 Lose some amount of body weight
 Become more flexible
 Build some muscle
 Eat less fast food
 Drink more water
 Gain body weight
 Get more toned
 Stay healthy

What modern direction of fitness you like the most?
 Body Flex
 Aqua Aerobics
 Bar Class
 Body Ballet
 Cardio in Gym
 I don't like any of them

Are you happy with a mirror reflection of your body ?

How often do you check out your body weight?
 Few times daily
 Once a week
 Once a day
 Some time

What is your favorite way to lose body fat?
 Attending gym more often
 Do extra cardio workout
 Drink more water
 Sleep in the nude
 Chew gum
 Skip meal

You like to eat the most biggest meal at?
 Snack very late evening
 Afternoon snack
 Second lunch

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